Visiting El Chaltén – Argentina´s capital of trekking

Laguna de los Tres

El Chaltén – Summary (March – 2005) Introduction: El Chalten was founded in 1985 for geopolitical reasons, after a border dispute between Argentina and Chile, concerning the lake Lago del Desierto. Finally, in 1994 an international jury ruled in favor of Argentina the sovereignty of this lake. As a result …

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Chaltén – Pliegue Tumbado trail

Pliegue Tumbado

Pliegue Tumbado – Mar 2005 My first visit to Chaltén was in 2005 with a friend. In town we camped at El Relincho camp site. This is a nice organized camp located aside the river “De las Vueltas” (this river comes from Laguna del Desierto). It also offered several fireplaces, …

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Chaltén – Lago del Desierto

Lago del Desierto

March 2005 In my opinion, this is the most unknown area of Chaltén. It´s a remote area without an easy Access as the other trails have (you have to travel by car from Chaltén town to the lake and there you have to take a boat that takes to the …

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