Visiting El Chaltén – Argentina´s capital of trekking

Laguna de los Tres

El Chaltén – Summary (March – 2005) Introduction: El Chalten was founded in 1985 for geopolitical reasons, after a border dispute between Argentina and Chile, concerning the lake Lago del Desierto. Finally, in 1994 an international jury ruled in favor of Argentina the sovereignty of this lake. As a result …

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Chaltén – Pliegue Tumbado trail

Pliegue Tumbado

Pliegue Tumbado – Mar 2005 My first visit to Chaltén was in 2005 with a friend. In town we camped at El Relincho camp site. This is a nice organized camp located aside the river “De las Vueltas” (this river comes from Laguna del Desierto). It also offered several fireplaces, …

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Chaltén – Lago del Desierto

Lago del Desierto

March 2005 In my opinion, this is the most unknown area of Chaltén. It´s a remote area without an easy Access as the other trails have (you have to travel by car from Chaltén town to the lake and there you have to take a boat that takes to the …

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El Bolsón: an excellent trekking region!

Trekking in El Bolsón (years 2008, 2011, 2012) The same as Chaltén is worldwide known as the capital for trekkers, El Bolsón is known as an excellent region for doing a huge variety of hikes.  The trails and shelters are surrounded by mountains, thick forests and colorful rivers. We have …

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Torres del Paine National park

Macizo Los Cuernos

Torres del Paine March 2013 If you are one of those who love trekking you cannot miss this destination. This National Park is known worldwide as one of the “meccas” for trekking. As Argentinians, there were two things that surprised us from the beginning: we could hardly find any visitor …

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