Ushuaia – Laguna de los Témpanos (Ice floe Lagoon) and Vinciguerra glacier

Getting to this glacier means you have to enter the Andorra Valley, crossed by the Arroyo Grande (Big Stream). As there was no regular transportation we had to get a taxi. We were driven through small farms until the road ended at a green fence. From there we continued on foot.

Turbera: Producción de turba

Turbera: Production of turba

After crossing the fence we entered a “Turbera” (a place where the turba  – moss – is extracted) that lead us to the Arroyo Grande (the Big Stream) which had to be crossed over by a small and precarious wood bridge. This stream is really wide (I would say almost a river) and it cannot be forded.

Cruce del arroyo por puente

Crossing the river


After crossing the bridge the trail continued inside the forest and over the hillside. But it was covered by fallen trees and branches, so its beginning was not clearly marked. It took us some time to get to that trail and at first we just walked on the slope without a clear direction, and lost some time there. The ground was a thick layer of humus and our feet sank on every step we took. It was also quite slippery. Once we found the trail the walk got a lot easier!

While we were walking on the hillside the trail run through a thick forest. The ground was very muddy (as it rains a lot in that region). So we had to walk carefully, trying not to slip. After we passed the hillside we entered a wide meadow, where the trail could be clearly seen from the distance. There was no chance to lose the trail at this stage.

Trail crosses this forest

The meadow lead us to a rocky slope that we had to walk over and got to the Vinciguerra glacier with its lagoon called “Laguna de los Témpanos”.

IMG_5088 - y el camino sigue subiendo por ese arroyo que baja al fondo

This is a wonderful place to have your lunch and enjoy the landscape and the silence (we were the only visitors there!).

Aside the lagoon we could find a flat place that maybe could allow to camp one night there. Maybe camping one night there it could be possible to climb the Esfinge hill. That must be great! But that will be another trip.

I think this is a perfect tour for those who enjoy walking on their own and escaping from the crowds, as this place is not so well known for now. You can pack your lunch and spend a few hours at this place. But remember to arrange a taxi for the return to the city, as there are no regular transfers to the beginning of this trail.

laguna y glaciar

lagoon and glacier

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