Ushuaia – Trekk to Cerro del Medio (del Medio hill)

This is a short trekking that can be done in half a day and offers a wonderful view over the city of Ushuaia, the Beagle channel and the surrounding mountains. So I think it is worth a try.

The trail starts in the city itself. By the time we did it, it was a very new trail, so it was not known and we were the only persons during the entire walk. We started walking up the street named “Antartida Argentina” towards the highest part of the city. When the street ends you will see that it becomes a trail and enters the forest that surrounds the city. The first part of this trail is a bit steep and goes through a thick forest of local tree species.

IMG_5035 - sendero hacia el Cerro del Medio

At a certain altitude the forest ends suddenly and the trail continues on a kind of steppe with very little vegetation. After a while the only thing we saw was a rocky ground.

IMG_5041 - seguimos subiendo por aqui

We continued going up and found a very small lagoon called “Margot”.

Laguna Margot

Margot Lagoon

From here it took us only a short time to get to the top of the hill Cerro del Medio.

la ciudad de Ushuaia

city of Ushuaia

This hill is only 925 meters high, but it is enough for a wonderful view over the city. We could also see the Beagle channel with the big cruises that arrived those days, the road that goes up to the Martial glacier and the high mountains that surround the city like mount Olivia and mount Cinco Hermanos (5 brothers).

Despite the low altitude it got very windy up there. Fortunately we had our wind stopper jackets with us. After a nice lunch and lots of pictures we returned to the city on the same way.
IMG_5055 - cumbre del Cerro Medio
IMG_5061 - vista desde la cumbre

Turbal cercano a la ciudad

Turbal near to the city

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